roadside scenes

I have been in the archives again and found these mostly Taranaki scenes to share. Since winter is moving in, I think there will be lots of archive photos to show, but. don't worry, I have lots!

wild goats



It's beginning to look like winter has arrived!

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architecture in the south island

I always am impressed with the different styles of architecture I find
as we wander the countryside. 


Tupare gardens

I found some great color in the archives on this cold and rainy day
and thought I'd share with you.


A nice surprise

I bought a 2-inch square pot of a Jelly Bean Plant in the early part of
spring and it seems to be happy.

While photographing it for this blog post, I noticed the symmetry of the 'beans' and that
made me smile because I like the world organized.

Then, while walking around the  yard  garden, I noticed the hebe bushes have the same symmetry.

And the smiles continue!


from the archives

I haven't been out for photos lately, as the weather has not cooperated,
so I picked some shots from the archives.

Wednesday around the World

Tomorrow is suppose to be cold--I guess winter is coming, finally. But today the bees are still buzzing around the flowers and there's lots of color in the garden.

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south island coast

It might be because I was so far from any ocean before I moved,
but I am fascinated with the water and the coastline here no matter
what part of the country I'm in.